People Support Winners

The simple fact is that most people tend to support winners. Organizations that handle the funds they receive in the most effective, honest, and efficient way seem to perform better then those that don’t. You can’t overlook this fact.

People will always turn towards the tried and true organizations they can trust – organizations that use funds well (fiscally responsible organizations that spend money well), make an impact in the community they serve (change lives/make a positive impact), and do so effectively and efficiently (good stewardship of money and resources). Period.

  • Place transparency and accountability issues front and center in all your marketing and fundraising efforts whenever possible – not just the annual report.
  • Demonstrate that your organization is a winner and that you are cost effectively providing life-changing support that wouldn’t happen otherwise.
  • Let constituents know exactly how funds are raised, allocated, and spent. Be totally transparent.
  • Make sure you clearly articulate the successes of your efforts by informing your supporters on a regular basis of the great work you have performed with the hard earned money that was donated.

This can and should be done through newsletters, websites, major donor receptions and any way you can get in front of the donor and share stories of success, either in writing or through words and pictures, including videos.

Success breeds success.

People want to support winners – so become a winner and don’t be afraid to share your successes in a humble, yet “shout it from the rooftop” style…