Soul Surfer – and Passion and Hustle…

WOW. That’ really all I can say after watching Soul Surfer – a movie everyone should watch.

I am not entirely sure how much is factual and how much was based on creative license, but either way it is one of the most inspiring and motivational movies I have ever seen. The casting is simply perfect — Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid how can you go wrong?

But beyond the casting there are many, many lessons to be learned; not just from the dialogue but from the interactions of family members and friends throughout the movie.

Early in the movie Bethany says, “Surfing is my passion; my way of life; the stoke I get from catching a wave is pure joy. Wow, what a statement.

Later on in the movie after having her arm bitten off by a shark her doctor says something along the lines of, “with her heart and will she will go far.”

Again a big WOW — what an observation and testament to Bethany’s passion and hustle for her surfing and commitment to this life pursuit.

It was interesting for me to see the correlations between this movie, Bethany’s passion for her vocation, and my thoughts on passion and hustle!

If anyone has passion and hustle its Bethany Hamilton. I mean really, she had the passion for surfing before being attack by a shark and she had the same passion after being attacked by a shark, maybe even more. But what is most remarkable is that after losing her arm she didn’t lose her passion or her hustle for surfing. What an accomplishment.

Don’t you wish you could have this same level of passion and commitment in life?