giving from the heart

I just read a great post online at Nonprofit Pro and the author stated the following in his first paragraph – go here to read the article….

As any strong fundraiser knows, donors give from the heart. They must be emotionally moved to connect to the mission, the cause, the campaign and the organization in some way to compel them to donate. And a big part of giving is having faith – a faith that the organization will do what it says with the donors  money.

I think there is a lot behind this statement. Don’t you?

I mean, the fact that donors give from the heart is key for sure – there is no question… but there is a lot more to the the first paragraph, let alone the rest of the article.

Donors give to organizations they believe in… period.

There is an emotional reason donors give to something they believe in and have a desire to support a particular cause. In some cases its an intellectual reason but more often it is emotional. This is often even more true as the size of gift increases. People will more likely support an organization they are in alignment with on a deep emotional level. The greater the alignment, and their corresponding passion, the greater the potential gift and overall commitment.

It’s a simple formula that we MUST embrace = affinity and passion towards your organization TRUMPS everything else. It’s that simple. Affinity is the single most important factor.

A donors capacity to give means nothing if there is no affinity. The greater the affinity the greater the commitment.

What do you think?