Embrace Their Channel of Choice

The way in which information is published and consumed is changing very, very rapidly.  Social media is replacing the old tired and true mediums. But even social media is losing some of its luster as time goes by.

Nothing has been more dramatic than the rapid decline of printed newspapers – not just for the fact its bulky and inconvenient – but more importantly, by the time the newspaper hits the news stand the news is outdated!  If you want relevant and up-to-date news you don’t read a printed newspaper. Its that simple. 

There are recent studies that show how people have already migrated in droves to online sources to consume information – but guess what – not necessarily to news sites or corporate websites, but to Social Media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and FaceBook to name only a few. As an example, if you want up to the second news coverage on a fast-breaking news story Twitter is the place!  And if you want info on the latest fashion trend or what car to purchase you might want to check out a blog or other peer-to-peer source that aggregates thoughts and opinions from many sources. Think of Angie’s List as an example.

This is the new reality for all marketers, journalists and retailers. And certainly a huge challenge for nonprofits.

Between social media, online video, email, and general online searching the average person spends huge amounts of time online.  TV networks and cable suppliers are freaked out. Advertisers are freaked out. Anyone trying to catch someones attention is freaked out.

But the fact remains people are online and they can be found in all sorts of places.  We need to embrace this new reality and meet people where they spend their time. Its that simple. For nonprofits it doesn’t mean we can ask for funds through Social Media – but we can leverage the networks to build community, encourage advocacy and share the changing impact of our mission through peer-to-peer connections.

How is you charity embracing online marketing? Is it being integrated into the traditional channels? Do you have a plan in place? You cannot wait any longer.